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The recycling box is held in the Centre's reception area.
Please note ... Recycle4Charity will no longer accept/recycle Mobile Phones after Wednesday 19th December 2018, so you only have a few weeks left to donate them.
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The options facing the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre are …
• Fife Council to employ a Cleaner on our behalf, for which we the Trust, will endure the cost.
• Employ a private Cleaner.
Both these options mean that the Community Centre will only gain a Cleaner and not a Caretaker. 
A Caretaker would usually carry out certain admin tasks as well as cleaning.
This will therefore increase the workload of the current Committee Members.

The Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre needs to increase its revenue in order to be sustainable.
We need people who can offer help with …
• Marketing - Promoting the Centre and its activities and expanding our current timetable via our website and social media.
• Sourcing and applying for funding.

The Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre simply cannot run without completion of the day to day tasks of a Committee Member …
• Addressing maintenance issues.
• Secretarial matters.
• Responsibilities of a Treasurer.
• Liaise with the Centres Users.
• Organise opening and closing of the Centre for our Users.
• Provide input, ideas and support at Committee meetings.
• Etc …
In order to reduce man hours spent on admin tasks, we need expertise and ideas on streamlining and electronically updating tasks such as Bookings, Invoicing etc.

The current Committee cannot continue, and face the future of the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre as it stands, without your support and commitment.

Please attend our next Committee Meeting … Monday 12th November, 7pm @ Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre.
Send your contact details to or via our ‘Contact Us’ page her on our website.

New Class - Pilates!
Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre. Tuesdays 6-7pm.
Starting 11th September 2018. First class free.
Contact Time Clarke on 07973 321971 or

A Wee Update - Tuesday 7th August 2018
Yesterday evening was the first opportunity the C&G Community Trust Committee Members have had to meet since the Public Meeting, due to Summer holidays, personal commitments etc.

We hope to soon be in a position to submit a formal case to Fife Council with regards to their decision to withdraw Caretaking support from the Centre. There were pieces of information that came to light at the public meeting which are helpful in our case.

We are in talks with Fife Voluntary Action with regards to the viability of accessing long term funding to cover staff costs. We do not want to be in a position, if needs be, to have to deal with this task on a yearly basis.

Yesterday, another new Fife Council Caretaker took up post at the Centre. We welcome Pat and we are sure she will do a great job. However, as we know, this post is only in place up until the end of Mach 2019, when funds for this service will be withdrawn.

The date of our next committee meeting is Monday 10th September, 7pm @ C&G Community Centre
As always, anyone is welcome to attend, new committee members are very much welcomed, however there is no obligation to commit to a role. Any support you are able to offer would be very much appreciated. This meeting also happens to be our Annual General Meeting.

Update to our Public Meeting ...
A big Thank You to all of you who came along to the meeting to show your support; it was a great turnout! Thank you also for your input and ideas on the way forward. We felt there was a positive outcome. 

We, The Trust, will as planned, continue with collating information and presenting our case to Fife Council with regards to their decision to withdraw Caretaking support from our Community Centre.
Our next step, should Fife Council stick to their decision, will be to source funding to enable the Trust to pay for the employment of a Caretaker whom Fife Council have said will provide/employ on our behalf.

This is the most viable option, as it was explained at the meeting, that we as a Trust do not have the funds to cover this added expenditure.
We, as voluntary committee members, also made it clear that we do not want to take on the responsibility of emptying staff.
The suggestion of a voluntary cleaning rota would not be practical. From experience of 6 years as a committee, we are fully aware of the extent of the work involved with a Caretaking role (not just cleaning) and the management of such a rota would be a task in itself.

This situation we are in, adds to the current workload of our committee members. 
We were grateful to those of you who stepped forward last night and gave your contact details and offer of support in assisting us with the way forward. 
If you were unable to attend last nights meeting, but can offer assistance, please get in touch and come along to our next committee meeting. We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

We will keep you posted with our progress, and also with the date of our next committee meeting. Thank you! 

Important Public Meeting!
Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre, 7pm, Monday 25th June 2018!
Residents of Carnock and Gowkhall, all Users of the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre; Please come along and show your support.
Click on the link for more information ...
A4 flyer.pdf

Spring 2018 Newsletter
Click on the link below to find out what's been happening at the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre:
Spring 2018 Newsletter.pdf