Update to our Public Meeting ...
A big Thank You to all of you who came along to the meeting to show your support; it was a great turnout! Thank you also for your input and ideas on the way forward. We felt there was a positive outcome. 

We, The Trust, will as planned, continue with collating information and presenting our case to Fife Council with regards to their decision to withdraw Caretaking support from our Community Centre.
Our next step, should Fife Council stick to their decision, will be to source funding to enable the Trust to pay for the employment of a Caretaker whom Fife Council have said will provide/employ on our behalf.

This is the most viable option, as it was explained at the meeting, that we as a Trust do not have the funds to cover this added expenditure.
We, as voluntary committee members, also made it clear that we do not want to take on the responsibility of emptying staff.
The suggestion of a voluntary cleaning rota would not be practical. From experience of 6 years as a committee, we are fully aware of the extent of the work involved with a Caretaking role (not just cleaning) and the management of such a rota would be a task in itself.

This situation we are in, adds to the current workload of our committee members. 
We were grateful to those of you who stepped forward last night and gave your contact details and offer of support in assisting us with the way forward. 
If you were unable to attend last nights meeting, but can offer assistance, please get in touch and come along to our next committee meeting. We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

We will keep you posted with our progress, and also with the date of our next committee meeting. Thank you! 

Important Public Meeting!
Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre, 7pm, Monday 25th June 2018!
Residents of Carnock and Gowkhall, all Users of the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre; Please come along and show your support.
Click on the link for more information ...
A4 flyer.pdf

Fitness Classes - June 2018
There have been changes to the fitness classes running at the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre.
The only class now running is:
'Circuits' with 'Fitness and Well-being with Beth King'
Monday's 7.45-8.15pm

Spring 2018 Newsletter
Click on the link below to find out what's been happening at the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre:
Spring 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Carnock & Gowkhall Community Trust - Annual Members Meeting!
Monday 28th August 2017, 7pm @ Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre.
The Trust are responsible  for the management, maintenance and improvement, of the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre.
We meet once a month to discuss all matters relating to the Centre.
New Committee Members are always welcome, and we need your help!
Come along to our Annual Members Meeting to find out a little more about what we do.
If you are unable to make the meeting but want to help, or require more information, then please get in touch via the Contact Us page. 

New Fitness Classes - June 2017
Strength, Core and Flexibility classes are now running at Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre;
Monday's 19.15 - 19.45.
These half hour classes are run by 'Fitness & Wellbeing with Beth King' and cost just £4.
For more information contact Beth on 07545 524582 or via or

So, on to Round 2 we go .... - April 2017
The Carnock & Gowkhall Community Trust have applied for further funding from The Co-op Local Community Fund in order to improve the Carnock & Gowkhall Community Centre's Kitchen, by purchasing items such as an industrial dishwasher and commercial refrigerator.
In order to support our cause in this round, Co-op Member's need to log in to their account and choose The Carnock & Gowkhall Community Trust as their cause.
If you chose to support us in Round 1, you must log on and choose us again, as this is a new round of funding for a new cause!

Great News! - April 2017
Round 1 of The Co-op Local Community Funding has ended, and we are very pleased to announce that Carnock & Gowkhall Community Trust have been awarded £1,397.34!
These funds will be used to replace the old worn out chairs at the Carnock & Gowkhall Communty Centre with lovely new blue ones; keeping in theme with the blue Notice Boards and Chairs in both our Meeting Rooms.
A very big Thank You to The Co-op and it's Members who chose to support our cause!